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There is Nothing Quite Like Linen

  Durability. Linen is one of durable and strongest fabric that I know. I still have a linen tablecloth that was woven by my grandmother and it has no holes in it and is in perfect shape. Yes, we do not use it that often like on everyday use, yet the fact speaks for itself. Breathable: It… Continue reading There is Nothing Quite Like Linen

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Black Friday Sale

We are having a Black Friday sale this Friday. We will open a shop section called BlackFridaySale where you will find an offer 20% off on all black and charcoal gray bedding including pillow cases and euro shams. Don’t miss if you want to make yourself or someone an unforgettable Christmas present. Please take a… Continue reading Black Friday Sale

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Etsy Love: jennymendes

Since I’ve found Etsy I’ve been discovering so many wonderful artists featuring their works out there. It is amazing how many creative people there are , it instills you the idea on how broad the creative diversity is and how limitless imagination can be. I love illustration by Jenny Mendes– the way she depicts femininity… Continue reading Etsy Love: jennymendes

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Tranquil Villa Rozenhout

Renovated by Belgian fashion designer Edouard Vermeulen this 18th century Belgian villa is a stunning inspiration of simple, clean and chic interior. No bright colors, just natural ones that have natural patina of old paints. Linen furniture and antique looking wooden paneling , antique marble slabs all together correspond to the antique spirit of the villa… Continue reading Tranquil Villa Rozenhout