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Pantone 2017- part 2

I really enjoy writing these color posts step by step, it really helped me to contemplate them more deeply. The rest five colors give me the feeling of such a nostalgic vintage atmosphere. They definitely have a vibe of 60s. Don’t you think?     Photos from : 1, 2  3, 4, 5. You can see… Continue reading Pantone 2017- part 2

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Etsy Love: jennymendes

Since I’ve found Etsy I’ve been discovering so many wonderful artists featuring their works out there. It is amazing how many creative people there are , it instills you the idea on how broad the creative diversity is and how limitless imagination can be. I love illustration by Jenny Mendes– the way she depicts femininity… Continue reading Etsy Love: jennymendes

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Tranquil Villa Rozenhout

Renovated by Belgian fashion designer Edouard Vermeulen this 18th century Belgian villa is a stunning inspiration of simple, clean and chic interior. No bright colors, just natural ones that have natural patina of old paints. Linen furniture and antique looking wooden paneling , antique marble slabs all together correspond to the antique spirit of the villa… Continue reading Tranquil Villa Rozenhout