Seam Issue


Do you love linen bedding? Me too! I adore everything about it- it’s qualities, fabric texture, the way it looks and feels. No wonder I started working with it. I believe you are not supposed to make any fancy designs for your linen bedding, as the fabric itself makes the whole job- the way it looks mhmm ..thinking of beautiful messy linen bedding makes me dream of going to sleep.

The only problem I’ve encountered while working with linen fabric- it is not wide enough to make a proper queen duvet cover without seams. The seam issue always seemed disturbing to me. I really did not want any seams on my duvets and sheets, but still had to deal with this question. That is why I’ve decided to make it as invisible as possible, taking it’s place in 1/3 of the duvet cover, going vertical from top to the bottom of it.

A customer of mine made me rethink seam issue recently. I imagine this messy linen bedding, just like in the picture above and that is the dream bed in my head, but what if you lay your beautiful linen duvet cover straight on the bed and use it as a bed cover- great idea to enjoy all the beauty of the linen fabric, why hide it when you can expose it! Here we encounter the seam question again, while invisible in a messy bed, otherwise it does not look very harmonious and balanced when you lay it flat. Shall I divide the duvet cover to three parts? As I googled the whole seam question I even thought maybe I should go even for the french seam? It will be really noticable seams, but french seam feels so balanced to linen fabric. What do you think? Will french seam feel comfortable to the skin? Do you have any duvet covers conjoined with seams- if so, have you any observations or remarks according to this issue?

P.S. I just adore Etsy selling platform- where else you can communicate straight with your customers and have such a lively responce and reaction?

Photo: Pinterest.

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