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Happy Holidays!

Happy Easter everyone! Love the traditional Lithuanian egg decorating style- using only natural materials, natural dyeing methods, using only the plants extracts to make the eggs gain such a natural, beautiful color. Sadly, this year had some problems with time scheduling, and did not managed to decorate the eggs using all this wonderful techniques, yet

Scraping the eggs- this the most difficult way, you need a lot of patience to make all those ornaments, while using sharp awl, or little knife, but all this beauty is worth the work definitely! 8456-Velyku_marguciai_001

Decorating eggs with wax- you need a melted wax and a hard boiled egg to paint these beautiful ornament and prints, each of which represent and have sacred meaning connected to the renewal and the circle of life.

1__920705 970c1d0e7b87795

The easiest and really fun way- just wrap the eggs into the onion peel, you may add some other green plants to make the ornaments more interesting, and boil the wrapped egg just as usual. The most interesting moment is the unwrapping of them- it is always interesting to observe the patterns the onion skin reveals.


This is the easiest and most natural way to ornament the Easter eggs, thats what we did this year, the result is below- with the help of little hands, of course!

IMG_1193 svoguna


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