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Midsummer in Lithuania

There had been Midsummer  holidays in Lithuania during these two days. I love these holidays so much, I think I like them even more than the Christmas holidays. I thought I’ll make a short introduction to the customs and traditions, that are still alive and are practised  by some people here in Lithuania.

The magic of the summer solstice celebrations lays in  the shortest night, and the traditions that are the part of the Dew or St.John’s holidays. it is mainly the pagan tradition to celebrate the summer solstice, that are meant to worship sun.

First, dressed in your best linen you have to go through the symbolic gates. They symbolize the rejuvenation, the new beginning. It is as if everything old you leave behind and save place for some new beginning.


The symbolic gate, you have to go through.

Then the important part is the so called Kupole- you have to gather the nine different type of grasses and flowers to make a wreath for yourself, depending on what flowers you gathered for your wreath you can make some guesses on your future life.



Then actually it is important to stay all night by the fire, sing songs, jump over the fire pit,  search for a Fern Flower, sail in boats in the lakes and rivers, with a fire lit in the boat, as it symbolises the movement of sun. Make a wreaths of flowers with a candle in it and let it flow in the waters of nearby lake.


Fire in the night during the Dew holidays.


A wreath with a candle in a lake.


The last thing you have to do is wait for the morning sun to come up, bathe yourself in the morning dew, thus rejuvenating yourself for a new year.

Love this time of summer, the whole greenery is bursting out in it’s best, short summer nights, staying up all night to meet the sun and feeling the power of the old times enchantments. Our family do not follow the traditions stricktly, but we do stay up all night by the fire, weaning our wreaths, waiting for the morning sun to come. Yes, that is definitely the best time of the summer.

Alkas, Plepaliukai.

Check out more Lithuanian traditions on post Margučiai.

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